Serenity is a unique one-stop shop for business research, multimedia and the development of websites, web apps, mobile apps and software applications. We distill the essence of what you seek and develop original, custom solutions that meet your needs. Our work adds value, makes an impression and helps you educate, enlighten and engage your target audience.

Our services include:
•   programming and design:  websites and apps | print ads | logos, bizcards, brochures
•   publishing:  books | reports | conventional & dynamic presentations
•   content:  economic analysis | business writing | editing | copywriting
•   multimedia: videos | audio editing

•   data:  data-mining | chart-making

We are sticklers for detail, substance and originality with a decade of experience writing, designing and/or coding for mass audiences and niche markets, including work for publishing giant Macmillian, Fortune Magazine, The Financial Times, USA Today, Investor's Business Daily, small businessmen, real estate agencies, property developers and think tanks. We enjoy a special mix of design, academic and journalism experience as well as business knowledge. We offer quality, globally competitive pricing and respect for your goals & deadlines.

Our objective: Great testimonials from satisfied clients.
Our mantra: Underpromise. Overdeliver.
Our style: Simple elegance.
Our joy: Perfection.

Phone: 202-370-6962

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